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Ten Years Of Things That Didn’t Kill Us




Edited by Daniel Watson, Kami, Kerryn Tredrea, Hop Dac and Shane Jesse Christmass, compiled & published in paperback by Paroxysm Press in Australia in 2008 (PAR 010).
ISBN 978-1-876502-13-3.
LENGTH – 204 pages.

37 writers present new material for Paroxysm’s 10th anniversary anthology.

Written by Kami, Indigo, Kaplowitz, Courtney BLACK, Shane Jesse CHRISTMASS, Mei Yen CHUA, Rijn COLLINS, Amiel COURTIN-WILSON, Hop DAC, Lisa DEMPSTER, Martin DOWNEY, Sam J DRANE, Grant GRONEWOLD, Nicola HARDY, Kelly-Lee HICKEY, Michael HIER, Amy JACKSON, Heather Taylor JOHNSON, Daniel P JONES, Cheryl LEHMAN, Kristy LOVE, Tihana MAJCEN, David NOLTE, Gemma PARKER, Rob PARRY, David RAT, Misti RAINWATER-LITES, Josephine ROWE, Tim SINCLAIR, Matthew SMITH, Stephen STUDACH, Yasemin SUMNER, Jason SWEENEY, Jenny TOUNE, Kerryn TREADREA, Kate VINEN and Michael WINKLER.

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