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B3 ACCELERATE – website design www.b3accelerate.com

These are the fine people who set up this site and maintain it. A small but very professional outfit, which has been in business since 1997 and has done work for customers all over the world.

CLARITY RECORDS www.clarityrecords.net

Adelaide’s leading independent music store, stocking new & secondhand CDs, records, books, fanzines, merchandise, arts and craft. Includes punk & hardcore, metal, gothic & industrial, rock, indie, prog, soul / funk, reggae / dub, jazz, blues and a large local bands section.



eBAY www.ebay.com.au

One of the greatest things ever created in the world of computers is this internet based on-line auction site. Almost anything can be bought and/or sold via eBay and this link will take you through to the Australian site.

I-94 BAR www.i94bar.com

In operation since 1999, this site describes itself as “a virtual bar and e-zine bringing you Rock Action from Sydney via The Bowery and the Motor City”. News, reviews, information and interviews covering all aspects of garage rock from the last 40 years (and probably the next 40), also a fantastic links page. The perfect place to get the real deal on guitar powered rock’n’roll with attitude.

MUSIC PALOOZA www.musicpalooza.com.au

Adelaide’s premier record fair, held on the June long weekend each year, with the participation of music traders from all over Australia.

CLASSICAL33.co.uk www.classical33.co.uk
English operation selling hard-to-find, vintage and collectible records and CDs.
SHAME FILE MUSIC (Melbourne – experimental & industrial) shamefilemusic.com
ZEN ARCADE MUSIC (Melbourne – independent music, movies & memorabilia) www.zenarcade.com.au
PAROXYSM PRESS www.paroxysmpress.com

Adelaide publisher of extreme & unusual authors – poetry, prose, fiction and more.

PAYPAL www.paypal.com.au

Often operating in conjunction with eBay (but actually a stand alone operation in its own right) is this fantastic way of safely shuffling money around the world. PayPal opened up to Australian money at the start of 2005 and is an invaluable way of sending & receiving payments almost instantly. It takes a little while to set up a PayPal account, but its well worth the effort.

POP ARCHIVES www.poparchives.com.au

A reference site providing information on the sources of Australian pop records from the 1950s through to the 1970s, and some New Zealand material too. Browsing by song title or artist brings up the facts about the original & cover versions / remakes, plus the song writers and Australian chart positions.


AUSTRALIAN INDEPENDENT MUSIC TRADE australianmusictrade.50webs.com
INNER CITY SOUND www.innercitysound.com.au

Two sites for trading music, rare recordings, etc by Australian bands.


THREE-D RADIO www.threedradio.com

Adelaide’s leading community radio station. Broadcasting at 93.7 on the FM waveband. Specialising in progressive, alternative, contemporary and independent music and arts programming, with a big emphasis on local artists.

This could be your link www.youraddress.com

A link to your website and a brief description of it could appear here.

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