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The Darksmith Legacy – set of 10 books (SECONDHAND)




The full set of ten books in The Darksmith Legacy series, published in paperback by BBC Books in the UK in 2009.

This is a series of 10 linked novels featuring the 10th Doctor.

The Darksmith Legacy # 1 – The Dust Of Ages by Justin Richards ISBN 978-1-40590-513-8
The Darksmith Legacy # 2 – The Graves Of Mordane by Colin Brake ISBN 978-1-40590-514-5
The Darksmith Legacy # 3 – The Colour Of Darkness by Richard Dungworth ISBN 978-1-40590-515-2
The Darksmith Legacy # 4 – The Depths Of Despair by Justin Richards ISBN 978-1-40590-516-9
The Darksmith Legacy # 5 – The Vampire Of Paris by Stephen Cole ISBN 978-1-40590-517-6
The Darksmith Legacy # 6 – The Game Of Death by Trevor Baxendale ISBN 978-1-40590-518-3
The Darksmith Legacy # 7 – The Planet Of Oblivion by Justin Richards ISBN 978-1-40590-519-0
The Darksmith Legacy # 8 – The Pictures Of Emptiness by Jacqueline Rayner ISBN 978-1-40590-520-6
The Darksmith Legacy # 9 – The Art Of War by Mike Tucker ISBN 978-1-40590-521-3
The Darksmith Legacy # 10 – The End Of Time by Justin Richards ISBN 978-1-40590-522-0

CONDITION – okay. All the covers are lightly scuffed, with wear along the edges and some have bent corners.

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