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set of 11 script books (SECONDHAND)




The full set of script books from the original TV series, published in paperback by Titan Books in the UK (except * published by the BBC).

Each of these has a transcript of the complete dialogue of the story as seen on TV (edited by John McElroy), rather than the script as devised by the writer.

The Tribe Of Gum by Anthony Coburn (1988) ISBN 1-85286-012-X
The Masters Of Luxor by Anthony Coburn (1992) ISBN 1-85286-321-8 (a First Doctor story which was never made)
The Daleks by Terry Nation (1989) ISBN 1-85286-145-2
The Crusade by David Whitaker (1994) ISBN 1-85286-564-4
Galaxy 4 by William Emms (1994) ISBN 1-85286-566-0
The Power Of The Daleks by David Whitaker (1993) ISBN 1-85286-327-7
The Tomb Of The Cybermen by Gerry Davis & Kit Pedler (1989) ISBN 1-85286-146-0
The Daemons by Robert Sloman & Barry Letts (1992) ISBN 1-85286-324-2
The Talons Of Weng Chiang by Robert Holmes (1989) ISBN 1-85286-144-4
Ghost Light by Marc Platt (1993) ISBN 1-85286-477-X
*Doctor Who – The Script Of The Film by Matthew Jacobs (1996) ISBN 0-563-40499-X

CONDITION – good. The covers are all lightly scuffed and a couple have slightly bent corners.

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