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set of 15 Doctor Who (Telos) novellas (SECONDHAND)




The full set of 15 novellas published by Telos Books in the UK. These are all the standard hardback editions.

These consist of stories featuring the first eight TV Doctors.

Blood And Hope by Iain McLaughlin (2004) ISBN 1-903889-28-6
The Cabinet Of Light by Daniel O’Mahony (2003) ISBN 1-903889-18-9
Citadel Of Dreams by Dave Stone (2002) ISBN 1-903889-04-9
Companion Piece by Robert Perry & Mike Tucker (2003) ISBN 1-903889-26-X
The Dalek Factor by Simon Clark (2004) ISBN 1-903889-30-8
The Eye Of The Tyger by Paul McAuley (2003) ISBN 1-903889-24-3
Fallen Gods by Jonathan Blum & Kate Orman (2003) ISBN 1-903889-20-0
Foreign Devils by Andrew Cartmel (2002) ISBN 1-903889-10-3
Frayed by Tara Samms (2003) ISBN 1-903889-22-7
Ghost Ship by Keith Topping (2002) ISBN 1-903889-08-1
Nightdreamers by Tom Arden (2002) ISBN 1-903889-06-5
Rip Tide by Louise Cooper (2003) ISBN 1-903889-12-X
Shell Shock by Simon A Forward (2003) ISBN 1-903889-16-2
Time And Relative by Kim Newman (2001) ISBN 1-903889-02-2
Wonderland by Mark Chadbourn (2003) ISBN 1-903889-14-6

CONDITION – very good. The covers are all slightly scuffed and a couple have price stickers on the back (they weren’t published with dust jackets).

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