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The Frame – complete set of 24 issues (SECONDHAND)



The Frame was an English magazine which ran from 1987 to 1993. Written by David J Howe, Stephen James Walker & Mark Stammers, it provided indepth interviews with the cast & crew, rigorously researched articles about all aspects of the TV series and some original fiction. The factual material in these magazines formed the basis of the writers’ subsequent non-fiction books and these are regarded as among the best pieces of unofficial factual work ever written about Doctor Who.

This collection consists of –
The Frame issues 1-20 (1987 – 1991)
The Frame issue 21/22 (1992)
The Frame issue 23/24 (1993)
Best Of Issues 1-3 (1990)
Douglas Camfield – A Tribute (1990)

CONDITION – okay. The covers are lightly scuffed and a couple have bent corners.

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