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The Monster Collection – set of 8 novels (SECONDHAND)




The full set of 8 paperback novels republished by BBC Books in the UK in 2014.

These were originally published by Virgin Books as part of the New Adventures series in the 1990s or by BBC Books in more recent years.

Scales Of Injustice by Gary Russell (featuring the Silurians) ISBN 978-1-84990-780-4
Sands Of Time by Justin Richards (featuring robotic Egyptian mummies) ISBN 978-1-84990-767-5
Shakedown by Terrance Dicks (featuring the Sontarans and the Rutans) ISBN 978-1-84990-766-8
Corpse Marker by Chris Boucher (featuring Sandminer robots) ISBN 978-1-84-990759-0
Illegal Alien by Mike Tucker & Robert Perry (featuring the Cybermen) ISBN 978-1-84990-757-6
Touched By An Angel by Jonathan Morris (featuring the Weeping Angels) ISBN 978-1-84990-756-9
Prisoner Of The Daleks by Trevor Baxendale (featuring the Daleks) ISBN 978-1-84990-755-2
Sting Of The Zygons by Stephen Cole (featuring the Zygons) ISBN 978-1-84990-754-5

CONDITION – very good. These were purchased new and have been read once.

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