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DNA issue 73 – May 1989



Consists entirely of reviews of gigs from May 1987 to May 1989.
LIVE REVIEWS – Almost Human, Arcane, Asylum (Sydney), The Baptists, Big Black (USA), Big And Smelly, Bloodloss, Cage, The Chrysalids, Contrapunctus, Dandelion Wine, Dead Ringer, Escape, The Exploding White Mice, The Festered Vestoons, Head Undone (Melbourne), Hoot McKloot, I Spit On Your Gravy (Melbourne), King Snake Roost, The Lick, The Lizard Train, Love Fever, Lubricated Goat (Sydney), The Mad Turks, The Mark Of Cain, Martire, Meat, Mental Hellth (Melbourne), The New Christs (Sydney), Nimrod’s Cat, Order Of Decay, The Scientists (Sydney), The Screaming Believers, The Skunks, S.T.P. (Melbourne), Stiff Kittens, Strandead, Strange Obsession, Take No Prisoners, Tardis Retardis, The Things, The Twenty Second Sect, Val Hull, Venom P. Stinger (Melbourne), Where’s The Pope, Yog Sothoth and Your Fish Faces West.

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