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Shop / Shop / Australian and New Zealand Music Books / Fanzines and Magazines / DNA Fanzine / DNA - issues 91 - 100 / DNA issue 93/94 – April 1997
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DNA issue 93/94 – April 1997



BAND PROFILES – Ever, George Mallios (Verandah Music), The Ghouls, John Gilbert, Pain, Paul Gilchrist, Resin Tree, Scorched Earth Policy, Luch Sordillo, Spine and Taxed.
BAND MENTIONS – The Affection, Bargearse, Belle Of Chaos, Blubber, Dandelion Wine, Easy Action, The Eldorados, Fish Lips, Force Fed 9, Forcefield, Gacy’s Place, Glen & The Peanut Butter Men, Grunter, Hammerhead Ted, Hell, Hobo With A Grin, It Came From Outer Space, Keeth, Mono, Muff, The Needle Fairies, 99 Reasons Why, The Ninth Wave, The Obsession, Operation Octopus, Orgy Of Pigs, Paradise Interchange, Pigface, Porksword, Ritual Desecration, Rough Image, Sativa Witch, Sauce, Sector III, Shazzan, Stick Insect, The Stupid Club, Toss, Unit 11:74, Vegans In Leather, The Verge, The Vibrant Poles, Who Knows Bendy, Wild Blue Angels and Yokel.

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