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OCTOBER  2018 – postage charges have increased again.

SEPTEMBER 2016 – nothing in particular to report. Every week new titles are added to the site and the listing of local record fairs is regularly updated.

JANUARY 2015 – revising product information is taking longer than originally anticipated and it may require another couple of months before everything looks right. However all orders can continue normally.

SEPTEMBER 2014 – the website’s underlying “platform” has been changed and it should work much more smoothly in future. However the process of moving the content from the old site to the new one has resulted in some categories becoming jumbled, plus the visual images of many items will have to be re-done. There will be NO problems with processing orders while this takes place.

JUNE 2013 – an updated edition of the Adelaide Shopping Guide – For Books, Comics, Music & More has been published and is twice the size of the previous version. It’s available for purchase through this website and either at Clarity Records (60 Pulteney Street, in the city) or Funhouse Records (160 Magill Road, Norwood) in Adelaide for $5.

JANUARY 2013 – Perth blues guitarist John Hood (previously a member of SID RUMPO and The ELKS) has published his autobiography John Hood – For The Love Of Music and it can be purchased here for $17.

AUGUST 2012 – prices on all secondhand items have been considerably reduced (many are now half the old price) in a re-pricing exercise which has taken a few months to complete.

MARCH 2012 – postage will be charged separately for all orders, whereas previously it was included in the price of each item for Australian customers. The domestic postal charge will be explained in each item’s description. Please view the Postage section for more details.

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